A downloadable game for Windows

Let the soothing sounds of water wash away your worries as you fire up your PowerWasher and blast away every speck of dirt and grime you can find.

Use different sizes and shapes of nozzles and develop your own personal PowerWashing technique!

Release the pressure, with PowerWash Simulator!


PowerWash Simulator was planned for launch into Early Access later in the year, but recent world events motivated us to share our early demo because frankly, we thought folks could do with a relaxing stress reliever right now!



  • Hunt down dirt wherever it's hiding
  • Respond to emergency calls from across the city
  • Build your own PowerWashing business
  • Unlock new tools and upgrade your equipment


Let satisfaction wash over you as you clean up unfinished DIY nightmares, showing the community how a professional does a job.


  • Express your creative side and allow the town to be your canvas! 
  • Take photos, attend competitions, show off your PowerWashing masterpiece!


Allow the relaxing ambient sounds to wash over you, as you strip away dirt from stained patios and pavements, vehicles and office buildings. 

Demo controls

W+S+A+D - Move

Spacebar - Jump

CTRL or SHIFT - Crouch

Mousewheel or Arrow Up & Down Buttons - Change Nozzles.



Discord Community

Reddit Page


Washlist on Steam

Current Status

We are underway with development and taking requests for power wash scenes, with this being a demo we made last year. Our plan is to release into Early Access this year. 

Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated, come and let us know what you want to see on Discord

What we're working on right now: more satisfying water feedback with particles, spray, mud run-off and... suds.

Proudly a FuturLab Game


PowerWash_PC_Release_03_Apr_45aadf33.zip 162 MB

Development log


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Looks like fun.


Fun stuff for sure... I completed it 100%, I did not expect that actually LOL   


This is great! thanks for the video :)

No Prob :) 


It looks like awesome but when this game will relased on steam?


Fall this year in Early Access.

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This worked great for me, completed with no issues :) hope there comes more houses soon :D


I actually really enjoyed this game! 


This is like those games in bad advertisements, but not a scam.


kind of laggy but fun non the less


Well Developed , Can't wait for the full version

Oh nooooooo :c I was almost done!


Very great game. A couple of issues though, There are barrier blocks on top of the tallest part of the roof that are missing and some of the other barriers need to be taller, as you can jump over them. Also, maybe a slight texture issue on the gutter drainage pipes as there is a gradient on it.  All small issues aside, it was an amazing game! Thought I would bring up a few things that could be fixed to help you out though.  :)


This is definitely relaxing and very enjoyable and the sound when you complete an area actually scared me a bit. I really liked this game so I added it to a video of mine. It is the second game I play in it. Good Luck on future projects.

saying you cant wash anything i do not know if i get it and thats 4h ago so i do not know what to do

Try watching one of the videos below to see what to do.

i tried to wash the front door and it crashes but i can push the beach balls but i actually cant wash anything

you cant wash anything  then its not a game 

It crashed when you tried to wash the front door? That's very unusual. Is the game running at a decent frame rate for you?

Yeah completely decent frames

Were you able to wash anything else?

nope just the mini windmill and beach balls


Found a glitch where you can just jump over the roof and you can never get back and basically must restart to continue. Found it at 98% Done. Smh

Indeed. That'll be fixed in an update.


It can be a little tricky but I got to 100% CLEAN. Can't wait to see more levels, blasting away the dirt takes you to such a zen place. :)


I mean, it's a very simple game... but its really satisfying for some reason...


If you are not 100% satisfied with this video, you get your money back! (Or in this case you can shame me in the comment section lol)

I had a very good time with this game. thank you creator!

is that you ?

is it tho?


Brilliant little game haha! Enjoyed the cocept, i can't wait for the final product! Below is a Gameplay/Review video:


No doubt the best power washer game I've ever played! ;p

Had fun honestly, the difference before and after is pretty significant.

This game runs super slow for me that I wasn't able to really enjoy it but that won't stop me from keeping my eye out for the next update ^^ Keep up the great work


Definitive power washing simulator!

Good work!


 Good game.


One of the best power washing game I've ever played


It is a great game. Some performance options would be nice though


It is le fun game, well made. 


hey whats the requirements?


You have to wash everything.

I think that that’s not what he mean by requirements…


Please optimize the game


We're on it :-)


Like house flipper with a watergun

nothing happened when i finish, im angry..

(99.9) is mean of done.


There is a little portion glitched behind the house you have to do.


This was so relaxing to play. I can't wait to see more added to the game!


thanks! can't for you to see the next demo update too :)


Very relaxing and cool game! Enjoyed! 

if you could, please add more maps! i liked this!!



me too

i as soon as i aproach the powerwasher thing to dirt it crashes, and it also ran pretty poorly.

Yes sorry about that. This demo was produced quickly sometime last year as a proof of concept. The early access release won't have this performance issue.


Fun little game! Cleaning the house was actually very relaxing and satisfying, although I couldn't find the last speck of dirt for 100%. I would love to see the final game with more features and gameplay aspects! 


I had a lot of fun with this game. Like others I couldn't get the final piece of dirt, but I don't think that distracted from the overall experience.


my pc sadly cant run this game and fucking goes 5 fps

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Yes sorry about that. This demo was produced quickly sometime last year as a proof of concept. The early access release won't have this performance issue.


ok thanks for  informing me this games still on my radar


Very calming and satisfying I found a way out of the map because I couldn't reach some of the dirt (so I hopped over the barrier) Great game overall


Well I did the chores  and then i fell out of the world however all in all it was a satisfying experience 

Yours is the first game!


I really enjoyed your game! Super relaxing and let me ramble on about nonsense haha. I did fall off the map at the end though, but it was 100% my fault lol. 

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I was super excited to play this when I saw it. I figured it would be basically satisfying simulator. All was well and good until I literally restarted the game because I couldn't find the last .2% of dirt. It ended with me being extremely frustrated. I definitely like the idea, and the first few minutes I really did enjoy. I hope you keep working on it, maybe make it a little less frustrating to find the hidden spots (maybe a hint box or something that you can choose to highlight dirty spots).

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Hey, we are going to work on making this less frustrating for sure. However, did you try using the TAB button to show hints?

If I had to guess, the parts you missed were on the path, on the side of the slabs. Hitting TAB would show you the problem areas.

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